Want to win a copy of Wolf’s Head?

I thought I’d try running another competition, this time with the ebook version of Wolf’s Head as the prize. You can have it on Kindle etc from Smashwords, and all you have to do is SHARE this post on your Facebook page.

Please, TELL ME when you share, either as a reply to the post or as a Private Message or whatever, as Facebook doesn’t always show who shares things so I might not know you’ve done it unless you actually say so. I’ll put the names in a hat and ask Freya to draw a winner next week.

Thanks everyone!


EDIT – I’ve just found out Amazon UK doesn’t allow gifting of books, so I will have to do it with Smashwords. You can still get the Kindle file from them though, along with the other formats, so it’s not a problem.

Why Amazon.com allows gifting but Amazon.co.uk doesn’t, I have no idea.

16 thoughts on “Want to win a copy of Wolf’s Head?

Add yours

  1. I shared, but no need to put my name in the hat as I already own a copy…it just looks too good (I read first few pages) to not encourage people to check it out! 😀


    1. Thank you for buying – I think you’ll like it, the first chapter was (obviously enough) the first one I wrote and my writing style developed over the course of the book, so it gets better as it goes (I hope)! 🙂


  2. Been busy with “real” work the past couple of days, I’ll draw a winner tomorrow if I find time (I’ve promised to help Freya with her magic set and have a movie night with Finding Nemo!)


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