Sequel coming along nicely…

This week I’ve managed to write a couple of thousand words of The Wolf and The Raven (which is the sequel to Wolf’s Head). I also transferred the “manuscript” onto my tablet and spent an evening reading the 46,000+ words I have so far. I was very pleasantly surprised! I’ve been worried it might not live up to Wolf’s Head, but I quite enjoyed what I’ve written and, in spite of my decision that this series will only be a trilogy, I started to think it might need four books.

We’ll see what happens, stay tuned…


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5.0 out of 5 stars
 An excellent retelling of an old and much loved tale, 22 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Wolf’s Head (The Forest Lord) (Kindle Edition)

The first page of this novel begins with action, ‘Robin! Look out!’ Already my interest was engaged. A fight on the first page, drawing me in instantly. You know you want Robin to win, but will he?

Steven has written this book in a contemporary style, modern language, which works well. There is a balance of action with calmer moments, but always great tension of more trouble to come. It’s not your standard Robin Hood tale, there are twists and unexpected turns. Do you think you know the story well? After all it is probably one we have all grown up with. Steven’s retelling takes place some two hundred years in the future from the original, and in Wakefield, not Nottingham!

The Wolf’s Head is well researched, well written, I found it hard to put down, but easy to pick up and start reading again. The story kept me both entertained, it kept me on my toes, it both surprised me, and made me sad. Words written well can create many emotions, and Steven does this in his novel, one of three in the Wolf’s Head series. I can’t wait for the next instalment.

Wolf’s Head (The Forest Lord)

Buy it! Read it! and you will see just what I mean. In my opinion Steven A. McKay is not only a new author, but a tour de force in his field.”