New (and very candid) interview with me….


I was utterly exhausted when I did this interview (thanks baby Riley!) and, as a result, I ended up giving away rather more than I normally would…It’s probably the best, and most open, interview I’ve ever given…

2 thoughts on “New (and very candid) interview with me….

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  1. Great interview! Facing adversity head on and believing in yourself it the way to go every time! People sometimes ask me how I manage to do all the stuff I do (like you, full-time job, in a rock band and the writing), and I just tell them we all have the same number of hours in every day. To get things done, you have to sacrifice other, less important things. I have given up a lot of TV and PS3 games in the last year or so.

    The problems arise when you find you have neglected those closest to you in order to pursue your dreams. That is something I’ve found myself doing sometimes and it is important to adjust the tiller of the ship quickly if that happens.

    All the best of luck with book 2.


    1. Yeah, I sold my Xbox 360 back in March and, although I’m tempted by the new Xbox One I know I’d never get any writing done if I buy one. As you say, it’s about sacrificing certain things so you can do what’s really important.
      Besides, the £500 for an Xbox One is much better spent on a new guitar 😉


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