WOLF’S HEAD: a gritty, fast-paced retelling of a world-famous legend.

Another fantastic review. 10 stars out of 5, wow! 🙂

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Robin Hood is one of the most iconic characters in the history of mankind, and I believe his enduring popularity is due to his nature as a “statement character”, as I like to call him. He stands for something that people can easily identify with. Numerous movies have portrayed him in different ways: the flamboyant Errol Flynn, the anachronistic-sounding Kevin Costner, the atypical Russell Crowe. 2 things have pretty much remained the same about Robin Hood in regard to his legacy as a character in popular culture. He’ s an outlaw fighting against corruption, robbing the rich, and he’s typically associated with King Richard the Lionhearted.

I had the honour of receiving a copy of a novel that places Robin Hood in a different historical period, but maintains his nature as an outlaw. I’m talking about WOLF’S HEAD, by Steven A. McKay.

This book is absolutely awesome. It starts right…

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Cover art for The Wolf and The Raven is here…

I won't share it just yet, as it needs a couple of minor tweaks, but it looks great! This makes it all seem real now - the sequel to my first novel is almost ready to go...March/early April, fingers crossed is the expected publication date, but there should be a pre-order available on Amazon before... Continue Reading →

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