Lots of news today!

First of all, The Wolf and the Raven is now available to buy from Amazon, on Kindle and paperback. This link SHOULD take you to your own country’s Amazon page:


Second, Wolf’s Head is now available as an audiobook from Audible! I’m one of the first authors in the UK to be able to do this with ACX (It’s normally only open to US writers). I had to audition narrators and work with the guy I chose to get it how I imagined it in my head. Thankfully, the narrator/producer, Nick Ellsworth, had the perfect voice for it and really needed little input from me. I’m very, very pleased with how it turned out, I had a great time listening to each chapter in my car at work! You can download it in the UK here

USA here:

It should be available worldwide too.


Third! Amazon are running an interview with me on their FRONT PAGE. You can find it here:


And finally, I’m about to catch a train for London where I will be on the Amazon/Kindle/Createspace stand for the London Book Fair. Come along and see me if you’re nearby, I’d love to meet a few of my readers.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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  1. Good luck with your new book!Surprised how cheap it is on kindle!Hope your sales hit the roof!I’ve just downloaded and about to embark on another journey!Can’t wait to start!


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