Update on new novella…

I decided to write a novella (looking at 15-20,000 words) based around Sir Richard-at-Lee’s time as a Hospitaller knight in Rhodes. I’ve managed to write 5,000 words in under a week so it looks like it’s going to happen! Cover designers have been contacted, editor is on board and the narrator of my Wolf’s Head audiobook is in too!

I’m looking at having it out within the next couple of months although there’s no big hurry and I might be as well letting people get through The Wolf and the Raven first so…we’ll see.

Expect something a little different with this – elements of the supernatural…ancient evil…mysterious disappearances…and not a longbow or forest to be found!

Click the FOLLOW button at the top of this page to keep up to date with the progress, or check out my page on Facebook! I will do a Goodreads giveaway once it’s ready to go, so do check back and…please share with your book-loving friends!  😉

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