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I’m featured in this month’s KDP newsletter which goes out worldwide so is possibly the biggest piece of promotion I’ve been a part of so far. It’s targeted at other authors though, from what I can see, so might not sell many books but it’s still amazing to be part of it. I can’t thank Amazon KDP enough for their support!

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  1. I read the KDP newletter article with interest and was encouraged by the success of your book after being featured in the UK monthly deals. However, when I contacted KDP to find out how I could have my book (also published through KDP and enrolled in KDP Select) featured in the UK monthly deals, I was told I couldn’t do this through the KDP platform. How did you do it?


    1. Hi Annabelle, I think you have to be approached by Amazon themselves. My book had already been selling quite well and had quite a few good reviews before I was asked if I’d like to be part of the deal.


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