Want a signed copy of The Wolf and the Raven for FREE?

I have some spare paperback copies of Wolf’s Head and The Wolf and the Raven here so thought I’d sign a couple and offer them as prizes in a giveaway.

This is for people that have read and left a review of either of my books on Amazon or Goodreads or whatever (preferably Wolf and the Raven as that’s the newest and could do with a few more!). If you’ve left a review somewhere , just send me a message to let me know (with a link to the review) and I’ll put your name in the hat to win a signed book. You can choose which one.

I’ll leave this open for a couple of weeks so, if you haven’t got around to posting your review yet, now’s the time. This is open worldwide so get posting those reviews even if you’re in India or Canada or wherever!

Contact me through this site or email me at stormwatch1977@hotmail.com

Here’s an example of some so far (if you’re one of the two that left a 1 star review, don’t bother entering, I can guarantee you won’t win! :-p )



Wolf and Raven ebook cover final


Youtube trailer for Knight of the Cross


Very short and sweet trailer for the forthcoming  novella, Knight of the Cross, starring the Hospitaller from the Forest Lord books, Sir Richard-at-Lee. It runs to around 21,000 words although my editor has still to go over it so the word count will probably rise slightly.

Hopefully it’s good value for money and a nice little change from the main series. It’ll be available on Kindle, paperback and, soon after publication, as an audiobook read once again by Nick Ellsworth. 

Each format will be cheaper than my full-length Forest Lord novels – 77p UK/ £0.99 US for Kindle, and similarly reduced prices for the other formats to reflect the shorter word count. 

Tell your book loving friends! 🙂