Knight of the Cross almost here and another #1!

The novella, Knight of the Cross is complete! A couple of my beta-readers managed to get through it in the space of a night and both said they loved it, which was a relief. I wrote the back cover blurb yesterday, just need to get it to the cover designers now so they can get it all ready to go and…that’ll be it! I’m hoping it’ll be available to buy from Amazon sometime next week and will cost just 77p/99c for the Kindle versions. It will also be out as a paperback and, before much longer, as an audiobook narrated again by the fantastic Nick Ellsworth. Keep an eye out for it, and tell your friends – Dagon is coming!

Speaking of audiobooks, Wolf’s Head has managed another number 1 – this time on Soundclick. I have an account there to post any music I write so I uploaded the short 5 minute teaser for the WH audiobook and just noticed today that it had, at some point, been at number 1 in their chart! Brilliant!

You can click the link here to hear it and, if you’re interested, check out my music (mostly heavy metal with some acoustic/folk style pieces as well). Enjoy, and let me know what you think! As far as I recall everything on those tracks was done by me – guitars, bass, mandolin, flute, vocals etc. If there’s some really good Led Zeppelin-style 12 string guitar playing it was probably recorded by my mate Bill Moore.

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