Knight of the Cross out NOW!

The new novella, Knight of the Cross, is now available to buy, either as a paperback or for your Kindle device/app. The paperback comes with a free Kindle version as well (as do my other books).

UK link:

USAA link:


And here’s a little snippet!

“What exactly are you saying is causing these disappearances?” The big knight asked, making sure to keep his tone neutral for fear of offending the influential clergyman. The peace on the island was a fragile one at present, as the knights sought to stamp their authority on the place and the people.

The priest shrugged and muttered something in a language none of the Hospitallers present could identify before looking up to meet Sir Richard’s eyes. “It is old. Older than the world itself. Some say it came from another place, somewhere far away; maybe even amongst the stars, if such a thing is possible. Whatever it is, I can’t say, for I’ve never seen it and anyone who has is sent insane.” He waved a hand at the high-vaulted ceiling vaguely. “But these are just stories to frighten children, or entertain drinkers in a tavern.”

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