Knight of the Cross audiobook now available – cheap too!

The new novella is now available as an audiobook. You can get it from Audible UK (£4.99), ($6.95)  or iTunes (£3.95 UK, $5.95 US)! No idea why it’s cheaper on iTunes, but…come on, less than a fiver for an audiobook?!

Two and a half hours of entertainment, get your copy now from one of these links! No idea how the Apple thing works, but the Audible app is free for your tablet, smartphone or PC. I like to listen to audiobooks in the car — just download the free app, buy the book, then plug your smartphone into your car stereo input jack! Better than listening to your Wham! cds again, that’s for sure. Oh, and if you already bought the ebook you SHOULD get this even cheaper!

Never listened to an audiobook and been put off by the high price – well, you have no excuse now. Less than a fiver!

Knight Of The Cross-Audible-Front

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