Hollywood interest in my books?!

I’ve never told any of you about this before but…a few months ago I was contacted by one of the biggest film production companies in the world, asking about the rights for The Wolf and the Raven. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life. You can probably imagine the £££ signs flashing before my eyes as I imagined the possibilities, not to mention the idea of some of the best film-makers in the world working on MY book!
I exchanged a couple of emails with them and they said they’d get back to me once the producer finished the book but I’ve never heard anything since so I guess that’s it.
The thing is, it was a seriously major player in Hollywood – they’ve made some of the most iconic movies in the past 30 or 40 years. I could not believe it when I was reading their email to me, it was surreal.
Obviously it’s come to nothing but who knows, maybe one day they’ll come back to me… 🙂

In the meantime – who would YOU choose to play the characters in my novels? Here’s a page one of my readers set up, take a look and have some fun with it!


Self-published/ indie authors? What do you think of them and what can we do differently?

Question for you all: self-published/ indie authors – do you read them (other than me, obviously!)?
I must admit, although I’m one myself and I like to think my books are alright, I DO still feel pleasantly surprised when I read something by another indie and find that it kicks ass and isn’t riddled with childish spelling errors. It’s a stigma that is hopefully being eroded as people like Kevin Ashman, Gordon Doherty and Mel Sherratt sell increasing amounts of books, gain more critical acclaim and in some cases win deals with the likes of Amazon’s Thomas & Mercer, but it’s still definitely an issue for authors like me.

lbf 2

Mel Sherratt and myself at the London Book Fair in 2014.

I employ professional cover designers for my artwork and an incredible editor who’s worked with people like Jilly Cooper, Bernard Cornwell and Ben Kane to try and make my books good value for money but for every indie that does that, there’s certainly one or two that don’t think it’s worth the money (or simply don’t HAVE the money to employ professionals) and just put their books out in what’s essentially an unfinished state. It makes all of us look bad.

Things are changing though – even traditionally published authors are starting to put out books on the side that their publishers maybe didn’t have a place for. Glyn Iliffe continued his fantastic Odysseus series without a trad-publisher, Douglas Jackson put out his War Games by himself, and my favourite book of of 2014, A Day of Firewas self-published by the authors. It gives us all a real freedom to try things we might otherwise not have been able to (my own novella Knight of the Cross, for example, was a fun spin-off I’m sure a traditional publisher would have had no time for).

Glyn Iliffe, author of the excellent Adventure of Odysseus series.

Glyn Iliffe, author of the excellent Adventure of Odysseus series.

So…have you read any self-published books recently and if so – were they any good? Were they worth the money?
And most importantly…what can we, as authors, do to convince readers a self-published book is worth a punt?

Matt Groves!

I had some spare time today so worked on Rise of the Wolf – it’s coming along nicely.

I like to listen to music when I’m writing and editing (and doing just about everything else in my life) and I thought it’d be nice to share some of the stuff that inspires my writing.
Anyone that’s read the first two Forest Lord books will recognize the name Matt Groves (the bastard!).  Well, this is where I got the name. Fairport Convention featuring the immortal Sandy Denny (who sang with Robert Plant on Zep’s ‘Battle of Evermore’).




Update on the new book

Just wanted to post a wee update on the next book, Rise of the Wolf. I’ve been struggling for spare (writing) time lately but I managed to come up with a nice new Friar Tuck scene last night and have plenty more things planned out ready to go. I’m still hopeful the book will be published early this year, so please stay tuned and continue to tell your friends if you enjoyed the first books!