Standing stones!

I was at work today near a village in Scotland called Dalmellington and stopped the car to take a phone call from my manager. As I was talking to him I spotted these! I’ve been along this road a few times and never noticed them before, so I was glad he phoned when he did or I’d never have discovered them.

I nipped in to grab some photos – if it hadn’t been during working hours I’d have spent some time just sitting and thinking and enjoyed these stones a bit more. I had time to walk quickly around them, touching each one, and at the middle one I sent a little prayer skywards to our stillborn daughter before taking the pics.

I love places like this – there is something undeniably magical about them and, since my audiobook today was The Kybalion (a book on Hermetic philosophy) it seemed a nice synchronicity to discover something so unexpected in the middle of nowhere.

As it turns out, these aren’t thousands of years old, or even hundreds. They were erected in 1999, but even so, it was a great place to visit.

20150325_130419 20150325_130456 20150325_130510 20150325_130646 20150325_130625

EDIT, almost a year on. I wanted to add this as some people were interested in why the stones were erected.




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  1. It must have been a disapointing to find out how recently they were ereected. Was he mystery of the stones taken away?


    1. No, Haydn, not really. It would have been nice to know they were truly ancient but apparently they were erected to memorialize the fact that there have been settlements around there for 6000 years so…the stones themselves might not have been put up a long time ago, but the area was still magical to me!


  2. Dear Steven,
    Just a message to say thank you for giving me the pleasure in reading your books.
    I hope to be able to read a lot more of them, but time passes and can’t be sure if I will be around.
    But I wish you great success in your future as a fulltime writer.


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