Rise of the Wolf COVER REVEAL! And an update…

After getting some feedback from a couple of early beta-readers, yesterday I emailed the first draft of the new book off to my editor. So, assuming she can look at it in the next few weeks I SHOULD be on track to publish it sometime in June. So, with that in mind, here is the cover! I’m really pleased with it, it’s the best one so far in my opinion and could even work as a poster or flyers (if anyone could make use of posters or flyers let me know and I’ll see about getting some printed).

The original sketch I sent to the designers bears little resemblance to the final art they created (if you want to see that hilarious first sketch keep an eye on my Facebook page, I’ll probably post it there sometime, just for a laugh). Huge thanks to Chris Verwijmeren for help and advice on making the archer look as realistic as possible)!

RotW final

So, I’m waiting on a reply from the editor and, in the meantime I’m going to start work right now on another novella, similar to what I did last year with Knight of the Cross although this will be more straight-up historical fiction without the Lovecraft elements. Friar Tuck will be the star this time around and it’ll be set around Christmas time. I’m really looking forward to writing it, should be a lot of fun!

Once that’s finished, and Rise of the Wolf is published, I’ll probably begin work on the final novel in the Forest Lord series…I have some plans for a completely different series of histfic books though, set further back in time than the Robin Hood books and I might start the first of those next…Anyone have any thoughts on that? Would you prefer me to finish off the Hood story, or would you be happy for me to do something totally different before I round off The Forest Lord tetralogy?

Post your thoughts here, on my Facebook page or use the CONTACT button and be sure to tell your book-loving friends.

Thanks everyone, I hope you’re as excited about these future projects as I am!

4 thoughts on “Rise of the Wolf COVER REVEAL! And an update…

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  1. Really looking forward to see how you’re going to wrap up Forest Lord. It’s been a fun ride! Next William Wallace? Constantine? 🙂


    1. Thanks Erik! The next series will, I think, be set in 2nd century Britain so a bit further back than my Robin Hood stuff. For now, though, I’ve just written 1000 words to start off the Friar Tuck novella. Good fun!


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