Rise of the Wolf updated cover and an update on when it might be out

I had my cover designers slightly modify the Rise of the Wolf cover, you can see the finished article below (the bow is slimmer and his fingers are closed up). My editor will be going over the book around the start of June so, fingers crossed it will be published around end of June/July this year. Not long to go!

In the meantime I’ve been working on my Friar Tuck Christmas novella – about a third into it so far. If you enjoyed Knight of the Cross you should like this although this is more like the regular books without the Lovecraftian horror. Should be a fun read for Yuletide 2015.

Stay tuned for the RotW publication date and, if you haven’t already LIKED my Facebook page please do so – I plan on running some giveaways for the new book and Facebook is the easiest place to do it. I just gave away 6 signed paperbacks over there this week and have given out codes for FREE downloads of the audiobooks too recently. You can find my page here:


RotW final FINAL!

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