Short extract from the new Christmas novella

Knight of the Cross has been doing really well over the weekend in the free promotion, hitting number 1 in one of Amazon UK’s charts and number 3 in one of the US lists so a big THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded their copy. I hope you enjoy it!

Rise of the Wolf is still with my editor, so, while I await its return I’ve got back to work on my next novella. Starring Friar Tuck and set AFTER the events in Rise of the Wolf it has the provisional working title of The Christmas Devil. It’s another mystery although nothing too convoluted. It will be out in December this year.

With any luck I’ll get the editor’s notes for Rise of the Wolf within the next couple of days and can get it all ready to go in time for July! In the meantime, here’s Tuck and a friend investigating some strange reports in Brandesburton…

The closest name on the list was James Baker, whose shop had been broken into at the end of November. When they reached the building Tuck examined the lock, noting its poor quality; covered in rust and with a bent latch which was almost as thin as the parchment the headman had given them. Such a shoddy fastening couldn’t have kept one of the local children out, never mind Satan himself.

“You should get that repaired,” Tuck told the baker as he and Father de Nottingham walked in, smiling to offset the judgemental tone of his words. “Don’t want any more visits from the devil do you?”

James looked up from kneading a heavy lump of dough, flour coating his hands and apron, and smiled when he saw who his visitors were.

“Aye, I know Brother Michael, I’ve got the blacksmith making me a new one. A much sturdier one.” He lifted a big rolling pin and proceeded to flatten the dough expertly, working it into a near-perfect circle and Tuck found his mouth watering at the delicious smells in the room. “I’ve been sleeping here every night since that fiend broke in, just in case it comes back.” He smiled sheepishly. “Been shoving my workbench here against the door, right enough. Don’t want something like that sneaking up on me when I’m asleep!”

“Something like what?” Tuck wondered. “Did you actually see the thing? Eustace’s notes say you had loaves, a ladle and,” he unrolled the parchment and squinted at it before continuing, “a knife stolen.”

“Aye, that’s right,” the baker confirmed, placing his loaf onto a baking tray beside a number of others ready for the oven. “The thing took all that and, aye I did see it. Or I should say, them.

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