Another stunning review for Rise of the Wolf

It’s always nerve-wracking when a Robin Hood scholar reads one of my books. They know the legend inside out and have their own ideas of how it should be treated.

So I was very happy to read this quite fantastic review of my new book on Goodreads. Take a look and get ready for publication this Friday!  #RiseOfTheWolf

“McKay’s straight-forward style is consistent and well-suited to his story, but I also observed that there was considerable growth in the scope of his writing with this one.”

Click HERE to read the full review.


2 thoughts on “Another stunning review for Rise of the Wolf

  1. Well done Steven, that’s a hell of a testimonial from one so steeped in the myth Robin Hood! I can’t wait for Friday, it’s seemed like an age since I closed the last page of The Wolf and The Raven on my Kindle. The Knight of the Cross and ‘The Escape’ kept me going (excellent short story, with a nice twist and the end)…..but this is the gig one! Thanks, Neil

    • Cheers Neil! Yep, that guy really loves his Robin stuff so I’m really happy that he’s liked my books so much. I hope you enjoy Rise of the Wolf on Friday and thanks for your support!

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