Signed copies of Rise of the Wolf!

Now we’re cooking. 15 copies of the new book! Will get any sent out to those that have still to get one, and if anyone wants to buy a signed copy, message me and we’ll sort it. Still got some copies of the older books too if anyone wants to buy signed copies of those.

It’s still at number 1 in one of the Amazon charts so thank you to everyone that’s bought it. Keep the reviews coming!

robin hood

2 thoughts on “Signed copies of Rise of the Wolf!

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  1. Hi Steven, I got my kindle version on the day Rise of the Wolf was released, and it’s a great read as expected. I was going to ask if it’s possible to get hold of a hardback? I’m going on holiday in a few weeks and I’m saving the rest of the story for when I’m chilling by the pool, so I’d love to have it in it’s ‘proper’ form – I have a passion for hardback books, so I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.

    I just read your able to provide signed copies, dare I ask if these are in hardback? All Christmases in one, if so! I’ve been waiting for over a year for the Rise of the Wolf, (ever since I read the enticing last line of The Wolf and The Raven! – March 2014) and to completely indulge in a hardback signed copy would make my holiday one to remember.

    Can you let me know how much it will be, and how to order it.

    Thanks Steven, best regards, Neil

    Neil S Philp


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