New Q&A with the Indian Book Reviews blog

Here’s a short interview I did recently with the Indian Book Reviews website. They’ve enjoyed all my books and really supported me since the beginning so please take a look! You even get to see what the title of the first book in my next series might be…(actually it’s changed since I did this Q&A but it’ll give you an idea of the direction I’ll be going in once the Forest Lord series is done with).


Also, the US Countdown deal worked pretty well, pushing Wolf’s Head up to number 1 in the Medieval chart, while my overall author ranking also reached number 62 in the History section. Of all the thousands of authors writing history-themed books on I was in the top 100, it’s mind boggling to me. 🙂

best medieval books

So, THANK YOU if you bought any of the books, I hope you enjoy them!


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