Translating your books? Easier than you’d think…

I know a lot of you are self-published writers, and you might have thought about having your work translated. Find out how I did it here, on the Writers & Artists Yearbook website:


As for Blood of the Wolf – it’s coming along nicely. Almost finished the first draft. Roll on summer! Might even manage another novella starring Will Scarlet before I move onto my next series…

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

Sorry, I don’t really have any news to report in terms of my writing. Blood of the Wolf is coming along steadily and should be ready for a summer release but not a lot else is happening right now.

However, a very successful author recommends that, to build a brand and connect with readers, all writers should talk about things other than their work, so I thought I’d share this with you…

You’ll probably be aware of my love of music, and it’s mostly metal of the heaviest kind that I listen to. My favourite band is Jethro Tull though, and I even bought a cheap flute a few years ago (an Artley, and from the serial number it turns out it was born in the same year as me – 1977!).

When my books started to sell and I earned some extra money I thought it would be nice to have a framed image of Tull’s singer/guitarist/flautist Ian Anderson, so I commissioned a really talented artist to do something for me.

We chose this as the image to work from:

ian 1.jpg

This is the first work-in-progress image the artist sent me. You can see the layers of detail he was working on here:


Here’s the final image, before he rolled it up into a tube and posted it to me from the USA:


And here it is, framed and on my dining room wall.



Unfortunately my wife made me take it down from there, hahaha! But it’ll be finding a new home very soon and I can’t wait – I think you’ll agree the artist – Iain Stone – made an incredible job of it. He drew the entire thing using a pencil and it blows me away that someone can be so talented. I’m proud to have this one-of-a-kind artwork on my wall!

If you fancy having something similar done, check out Iain’s website. His rates are very reasonable and he works fast.

To see Ian Anderson wearing this outfit , check out my favourite Tull song (if you’ve read Wolf’s Head, this song inspired the part where Robin and Allan play the part of minstrels):

Minstrel In The Gallery

Ritter des Kreuzes – Jetzt erhältlich!



german translation

Jetzt erhaltlich

“Wirklich spannendes und gutes Buch!” 5* Jetzt erhältlich!

Deutschland, UK, USA, Weltweit!  –

Auf mysteriöse Weise verschwinden mehrere Menschen in einem kleinen Dorf auf Rhodos. Als zudem drei Mitlieder des Johanniter-Ordens vermisst werde, sendet der Großmeister Foulques de Villaret den englischen Richter Sir Richard at Lee aus, um in dem Fall zu ermitteln.

Gemeinsam mit seinem Waffenmeister Jacob stößt er bei den Einheimischen auf eine Mauer des Schweigens. Er ahnt nicht, dass sich dahinter eine Verschwörung verbirgt. In einem Strudel aus Aberglauben und okkulten Riten, wird nicht nur sein Leben bedroht, vielmehr gerät er an den Abgrund seines Verstandes.

„Ein großartiges, actionreiches Lesevergnügen, in dem trotz der Kürze einer Novella der Autor eine spannende Idee umgesetzt hat.“ Matthew Harffy, Autor von „The Serpent Sword“.

—>>>  <<<—

The Art and Magick of pricing ebooks…part 2!

You may remember I decided to try a little experiment with my novella Knight of the Cross recently. Since it was published a year and a half or so ago it’s been priced at 77p/99p in the UK and 99c in the USA. Sales have never been great despite good reviews, and at such a low price with the 35% royalty from Amazon KDP I was making almost nothing from it.

Knight Of The Cross-Audible-Front-des2

Also available from Audible, and it’s dirt cheap if you already own the Kindle version!

So I pushed the price up to £1.99 UK/ $2.99 USA almost a month ago. I hoped that even if the sales didn’t go up, the improved 70% royalty would at least let me make a little from each copy someone read.

The experiment seemed to pay off immediately as, for some reason, the novella’s average chart placing jumped from about 15,000 to 7,000, with the highest position being around 3,200 in the overall UK chart which is, I believe, the highest it had ever been outwith its original release. So I was hopeful…

Today I sat down and had a look at the sales and royalty reports for the past few weeks, and it made interesting reading.

I won’t list figures (to be perfectly honest they’re not that impressive, compared to my Forest Lord books at least), and I’m working things out in my head so it’s not going to be exact anyway, BUT, I’m guessing my royalties for Knight of the Cross have TRIPLED in the weeks since I raised the price.

I don’t believe I’ve sold any more copies, but neither have I sold less than I had been previously. So the royalty figure has jumped there. Furthermore, the average number of pages read in Kindle Unlimited has almost, I think, doubled. Presumably people see a book that costs $2.99 to buy outright and think it’s a more attractive option in KU than a 99c book that’s almost a freebie anyway.

Whatever the reasons might be, the figures are certainly up in every way – chart placing, books sold and pages read.

Again, I’ll just say, these aren’t huge numbers I’m talking about. My Forest Lord books do much better than either of my novellas but it seems clear to me that the raised price hasn’t harmed Knight of the Cross in any way. The opposite in fact.

So if you’re currently selling an ebook for 99p/99c and it’s not doing much, why not raise the price and see what happens? The great thing for authors is, if the experiment fails, you just drop things back to where they were, no harm done.*

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on!

Below is the reason I wanted to improve my earnings from Knight of the Cross: it’s the first of my books to be translated into another language (German). There was no point in me paying a translator to do this when it’d take me years to recoup their fees, so I’m hoping German historical fiction/fantasy fans will snap this up by the virtual wagonload.




*Incidentally, I’m going to leave my other novella, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil, at 99p/99c, simply because I get the 70% royalty on that anyway since it’s in the Kindle Singles Programme, and I believe it’s good to offer ALL new readers a price point that appeals to them, just to hook them in. If some think £1.99/$2.99 is too much, they can still try the Friar Tuck novella by shelling out almost nothing. Or, they can get a completely  FREE short story, exclusive to my Email List subscribers, by joining here.


friar tuck and the christmas devil

Only 99c/99p