Blood of the Wolf coming SOON (promise)!

Things have been progressing a little slower than I’d have liked with this final novel in the Forest Lord series. The combination of building works on our house plus two young children has meant my energy and time to write has been limited.

But Blood of the Wolf is almost finished! I have one more scene to write, plus an epilogue and the author’s note and that will be it. My editor – the same one I’ve used for all the books who worked with Bernard Cornwell, Jilly Cooper and Ben Kane in the past – will be looking at it next week. Then all I need to do is follow her orders and it’ll be ready to send out to my usual beta-readers. I’m hoping to have it ready to publish within the next few weeks so clear a space in your reading list…

blood of the wolf
Recognise the tree in the background?

This book is much more direct than Rise of the Wolf. I had fun writing that one and exploring a couple of female characters but Blood of the Wolf is back to the all out action and there’s one truly horrible new villain for Robin to deal with. Will our hero survive, or die as he does in the original ballads? Bearing in mind I’ve tried to stay faithful to those early tales all the way throughout this series…

Set in 1327, four years after the events in Rise of the Wolf, I think it’s a fitting and exciting end to the series. It’s also the longest book so far, so it should be good value.

When it comes time to publish it I’ll be running giveaway competitions for signed copies and so on, with extra chances to win for people on my Email List so, if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so here: Email List Sign-Up  You also get a free and exclusive short story when you do.

The Audible version, narrated as usual by Nick Ellsworth, will follow a couple of months (I expect) after the Kindle and paperbacks are out, so hang onto a credit!




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