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After a fantastic September where all three of my Forest Lord books hit the overall UK Kindle top 100 and top 20 in Australia, October is shaping up to be almost as good!



Not only does Blood of the Wolf come out in less than two weeks, but throughout this month Amazon are running a promotion called “Powered By Indie“. Essentially it’s a celebration of great self-published books and authors and, amazingly, Wolf’s Head has been chosen as one of the featured books. I wrote a couple of short things for them to use during the promo although I have no idea if any of it will actually be used. Be sure I’ll share the hell out of it if they do! I don’t sell as much in the USA as I do in the UK so hopefully this gives things a wee boost over there…

I’ve also finished another new short story, starring Robin and Little John, titled “The Stapleford Prisoner” although I’m not sure how it will be published yet. I loved writing it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. I expect it to be completely free so keep an eye out here, on my mailing list or my social media pages.*

The main thing this month though, is Blood of the Wolf, to be released on October 14th. Early reviews of advance copies are excellent, and pre-orders are up for both Kindle and paperback versions. Nick Ellsworth has started production of the audiobook too which is great news! Nick has been the voice of the Forest Lord series since the beginning so I can’t wait to hear him read this final book.

Pre-order your Kindle or paperback copy here: getBook.at/BotW

Check out the endorsement from Parmenion Books!


Although Blood of the Wolf IS the last novel in the series, I am going to start work on another novella, this time starring Will Scaflock, set AFTER BotW. I will need to spend time researching my next series so it seemed a good idea to do another novella with the Forest Lord characters in the meantime.

Cheers all, and look out for chances to win signed copies of Blood of the Wolf, posters, bookmarks, audiobooks etc over the next two weeks. Make sure you are signed up for my email list as subscribers have extra chances to win.



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  1. Sadly, l have not actually read any books in this series. I have listened to the audio books narrated by Nick, who has done a fantastic job so…..I guess…… l will have a little longer to wait………..

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