The Abbey of Death – blurb and an update

Sorry everyone, I know I’ve been going on about this final Forest Lord novella for what seems like forever. I have actually finished it – it’s been edited and proofread, had a great cover designed and would, normally, have been published weeks ago.


But I have, hopefully, found a publisher for it. This might not mean much to most people but, to me, it’s a huge opportunity going forward. If it comes off this will be my first book that isn’t self-published and MIGHT just pave the way for a deal for my new warrior-druid series. That’s in the distant future though, so for now I’m just trying to keep my feet on the ground and continue to work hard.

I’m hoping to have confirmation of the deal next week so publication isn’t THAT far off. And one beta-reader suggested it’s my best book so far, so it’s hopefully worth the wait and a good end to the overall series. In the meantime, here’s a blurb I knocked up, maybe it’ll whet your appetite. Chances are the publisher will come up with their own blurb but I think this sets the scene pretty well…

He wanted to find peace in prayer but some men serve God best with a sword in their hand.

England, 1328 AD

Will Scaflock has tried living the normal life of a farmer but, lonely and still haunted by the brutal murder of his family years earlier he decides to seek peace in God’s service. The Benedictine monks in Selby welcome him into their brotherhood but discipline in the abbey is lax, with openly flaunted vices like drink, prostitution and gambling angering not only the archbishop but the townsfolk as well.

When the people are goaded into a riot, wrecking much of the abbey, killing one of the wayward brothers and kidnapping the likeable cantor, the legendary former outlaw finds his God-given talent for violence called on once more.

Now, reunited with his old sword, Scaflock must find the abducted cantor before his captors realise he’s not worth as much as they hoped and, in the process, perhaps find God’s true purpose for his own continued existence.

Readers of Steven A. McKay’s Forest Lord series will love this pulsating adventure that explores the themes of loyalty, friendship, greed and ultimately, love, against the colourful yet brutal background of 14th century England.

“McKay brings down the curtain on the Forest Lord series with his best work to date.” – Parmenion Book Reviews



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