A review of the Forest Lord series!

This is Steve J.

Steven McKay’s Forest Lord Series

Review by Mark Wilkes

For this review I have decided to review an entire series rather than a single book, and before we start I should probably admit that I have a soft spot for historical-based stories; those of Robin Hood being some of my favourites, and so I never actually intended to review these books as I knew I would be overly critical of them! I was, however, surprised by this particular interpretation though so decided to share my thoughts.

Though tales of Robin Hood go back many hundreds of years for many the well-worn stories conjure relatively modern images of a man in very tight green tights or perhaps Russell Crowe fighting on a beach. The Forest Lord/Wolfs Head series by Steven McKay, however, gives the Robin Hood tales a new and exciting twist, while still remaining true to the key elements of…

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