“Rhydderch The Red” – a song from the mead halls of The Druid!

As I mentioned in a previous post I knew I’d need to write some songs for my druid, Bellicus, to sing in the new book. As it happens, the opening scene features a song but I didn’t have any lyrics for it, just an idea of how it might sound.

So, today, I somehow came up with a whole set of lyrics and music to go with them. The song is called “Rhydderch The Red” and it’s about rebirth – winter coming into spring essentially. I expect the people of Britain sang similar songs in the early fifth-century.

I recorded a very rough demo version with a couple of guitars (one being my 9-year-old daughter’s 3/4 size acoustic!) and some vocals. I hope you like it. Imagine a mead hall full of people singing along, with a giant warrior-druid leading the way on top of a table!

The Druid should be out sometime this year so stay tuned for a release date!


Rhydderch the Red went walking one day,
But ‘ere long the sky turned to grey,
And he met with a man who took him away,
To a place where the sun could nevermore stray
Come the snow! And the rain!
And the flowers all die and the tracks wash away,
Come the frost! And the hail!
And the light left the sky and the crops they all failed
And Rhydderch did cry for the life left behind.
And the woman he’d left for she’d been so fine.
And so he resolved to leave this strange land.
And he reached out and took up his sword in his hand
Come the spring! And the sun!
And the lady at home who knew he’d return,
Come the light, in the black!
As the land came to life and the hero went back
Come the spring! And the sun!
As the lightbringer stretched out his unshakeable hand,
Come the light, in the black!
Spring returned to the land once Rhydderch came back…

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  1. Great rendition of the song…. I was a little surprised at the Electric guitar but l found it added character. I really like the idea of the collectors edition with the CD…. Also….. Just to give you more work…. If you do create a collectors edition it would be nice to have some sketches in the book….. Also….. I don’t know….. but how about releasing the physical book through Kickstarter if you don’t yet have a physical publisher…. You never know… It might gain more momentum that way….. Cheers…… Keep sharpening that pencil….. Chris


    1. Cheers Chris! Actually, I would have rather recorded it myself using acoustic guitars and mandolin but my recording setup works much better with electric instruments so I used a Gibson SG. The guitar solo, well, I always try to fit in a solo no matter what – again I’d have liked to use my flute for it but I’m a much better guitarist than flautist!
      I’m afraid sketches are way out my league – I like drawing but I’m truly awful at it.
      As for a publisher, well…my fingers are crossed someone might take a chance on this one.


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