The Abbey of Death publication day

“McKay brings down the curtain on the Forest Lord series with his best work to date.” – Parmenion Book Reviews (4)

My final Forest Lord tale, The Abbey of Death, is published today by Amazon Publishing. I know most of you reading this will have already pre-ordered it, but if not, I hope you’ll pick it up and enjoy it. Will Scaflock was always one of my favourite characters in the books and I think this book is a great way to finish the series.

If you haven’t read any of the other books, don’t worry, this can be read as a standalone title which is, I believe, how Amazon want to market it anyway. So, something for everyone really!

You can buy it at the links below:






And if you still need convincing, here’s a link to the first review, by Parmenion Book Reviews, who thinks this is my best book so far. Check it out!


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