Cover reveal for The Rescue & Other Tales


Some readers simply don’t like ebooks – they can’t get used to reading on an electronic device so they prefer either a real, physical paperback, or the audio version. Up until now three of my short Forest Lord stories have ONLY been available on Kindle. Not any more. The Rescue & Other Tales brings together “The Rescue”, “The Escape” and “The Prisoner” in a handy omnibus with a couple of new author’s notes since I realised I’d never written one for two of these stories. Silly me.

Check out the fantastic cover art the guys at More Visual designed for me. I really love it, what do you think?

front rescue other

The collection will be available in both paperback and audio, with Nick Ellsworth already recording his narration. Indeed, if you’ve signed up for my email list you’ll have heard him reading one of the tales already as I gave it away FREE to subscribers. That offer will be coming to an end once this is out on Audible.

Paperback version is available NOW, go here to get your copy:

The Audible version will take a bit longer but look out for it sometime within the next month or so.

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