Come see me at Amazon Academy Glasgow this month.

That’s right, I’ll be on the Kindle Direct Publishing panel at the Amazon Academy event in Glasgow SECC on April 17th, offering publishing advice and hilarious – or at least mildly amusing – anecdotes. This will be my third time on a KDP panel and it’s always great fun (read all about my week at the London Book Fair 2014 HERE and last years Academy in Edinburgh HERE). I’m not sure if the audience get much from them (they tell me they do) but I really enjoy being part of it.

I always wanted to appear on stage at the SECC although I dreamed it would be with guitar in hand. I might not be the metal god I hoped to grow up as, but this will certainly be a brilliant day! You can get tickets (for free!) here:

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Following the success of the Amazon Academy programme last year, the next event in the series is taking place in Glasgow on Tuesday 17 April.

The Amazon Academy will provide authors with free advice and support, covering everything from the creative writing process through to best practice publishing books in print and digital via Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s independent publishing programme. The workshops will go on to offer advice on how to market your work and engage with the reader community. The event is open to all and is being run in partnership with the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), and the address in EH3 will be emailed to you as part of the registration process.

The Academy workshops will offer aspiring and established authors advice on how to:

  • Create a bestseller with tips from authors on developing plot and dialogue through to editing and cover design
  • Market your book with guidance from authors on how to use social media effectively, the importance of reader engagement and how to make the most of KDP Select
  • Approach the business of being an author with thoughts from experts on striking the right balance between the creative and business sides of writing, outsourcing tasks to freelancers and developing your business plan

Full agenda

9:00 – Arrival, tea and coffee

9:40 – Welcome from Darren Hardy, Kindle Direct Publishing and Paul Teague, Alliance for Independent Authors

9:50 – Making a Book

10:20 – How to Write a Bestseller

11:00 – Coffee break

11:30 – Marketing Your Book

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Making it Happen: The Business of Being an Author

14:30 – Event ends

KDP is a programme that allows authors to get their work to a potential audience of millions of readers both digitally and in print. KDP enables authors to retain their copyrights, keep control, distribute globally, get to market fast and do it for free. With royalties of up to 70% many thousands of authors now earn a living through KDP. All books published through KDP are available on Kindle and Fire devices as well as the Kindle reading app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

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