Amazon Academy KDP Author event SECC 2018 and my day on the panel

Today was great! It was the Amazon Academy event in Glasgow’s SECC and I was invited along by them to speak on the panel of “experts” in the Kindle Direct Publishing room. I turned up to see the head of KDP, Darren Hardy, telling people how to use their tools to publish, with my books on the big screen – very cool!

20180417_100737 1

After that we were into the panels and I got to make an appearance on stage at the SECC, like my heroes in Iron Maiden and Def Leppard who I’ve seen there in concert.

Darren is always great with his interviews, keeping things flowing and making the panel feel at ease, and the audience (130 or so I believe) were great, taking notes, asking questions and really open to whatever advice we could offer.

I had great fun and the other authors, Barry Hutchison, LJ Ross and Linda Gillard made the whole thing interesting and really relaxed. I picked up some good tips from them myself!


I must say, I’m utterly exhausted as I was on all of the panels and my son woke me up at 4 in the morning today, wanting to play with his toys! So if this post seems a bit stilted please excuse me.

I also heard from my agent who tells me he pitched my new book The Druid to a lot of publishers at last week’s London Book Fair and they all showed interest so that’s REALLY encouraging and hopefully we hear something soon.

Now, time for a well-earned rest I think. Night all!

Oh, PS – there’s now a Facebook group where my readers can chat about my books or historical fiction in general or whatever you like. Please join if it interests you, here’s the link:

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