THE DRUID – coming soon (really)

So, at last, I have some news about my new novel The Druid. It seems there’s not much hunger for historical action adventure books among publishers right now, so, as I did with my Forest Lord books, I’ll be publishing Druid myself.

That means I need to have it edited by my usual editor and have cover art designed and then it will be ready to go!

Concept art (NOT the book cover) by historical illustrator Robert Travis

Just to recap, The Druid is part 1 of a historical fiction series (not sure how many books will be in it yet but I’ve got lots of ideas for stories). It follows Bellicus, our hero, a giant young warrior-druid with a shaved head, two canine companions, and awesome fighting skills! He has to go on a quest to find the little princess, Catia, who’s been abducted for some dark purpose by Saxon mercenaries, and this will take him all the way from Dun Breatann (Dumbarton) right down to Stonehenge, with lots of adventures on the way.

Catia smaller

I’m very proud of the book, and it was good enough to snag an agent who really liked it, so I cannot wait to get it out there for people to read. The second in the series, Song of the Centurion, is about a third finished (I put it on hold to work on my Roman slave novel which is also just about complete!) so there should be lots to come from me over the next few months/year…

Just a note on the images you see here: they are CONCEPT ART, just some rough sketches (fantastic ones!) I asked illustrator Robert Travis to do for me. Some people have mentioned the druid’s hair and how he’s clean-shaven and stuff – he is a YOUNG man, I wasn’t writing about Gandalf or Merlin. Actually, the fact he DOESN’T look like a white bearded old mystic leads to some troubles for Bellicus in the book, with people not realising who he is, so please don’t be put off by the pictures. You can make up your own image of him when you read the tales. And if you simply must have Merlin in a book about druids in fifth-century Britain, well, perhaps he’ll put in an appearance too….

It IS disappointing, for me and my agent, to spend nine months or so looking for a publisher only for me to end up doing it myself BUT, in one way at least it’s been good: I’d never have written my slave novel if it hadn’t been for this delay and I am very excited about that project, it’s something completely different!

Anyway, I better get off to work – if you enjoyed Wolf’s Head, I’m sure you’ll love The Druid, so look out for more news (and more cool concept art) soon!

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complete final crop long




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