The Druid – cover reveal (WOW)!

The Druid_pb-eb

As I always do when a new novel is complete, I sent my cover designers a rough idea of how I wanted the cover to look. For The Druid I asked for big fonts, the carnyx, stone circle –  everything you see here. I wasn’t really prepared for just how AWESOME they would make it though! Honestly, when I got this cover art in my email my first thought was, “Holy sh*t, this is amazing.” And it really is!

For those who don’t know, the carnyx was a Celtic musical instrument. Everyone nowadays has a sword, or a helmet on their historical fiction book covers so I thought a carnyx would be a bit different. Imagine hearing this thing in the middle of the night or before you were about to go into battle after an enemy druid had cursed you! Psychological warfare ancient style…

Fellow historical fiction author Matthew Harffy has read an early version of The Druid and enjoyed it enough to give me a great endorsement for which I’m very grateful. Check out his books if you haven’t already.

You will be able to pre-order the Kindle version on or around the 18th of this month (October), with publication on November 1st (including paperback).

Please – spread the word by using the social media share buttons at the bottom of this post. Let your historical fiction loving friends know this is coming. Anyone who enjoys Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden et al will get a real kick from this novel, I’m sure it’s my best yet.


Northern Britain, AD 430

 A land in turmoil. A village ablaze. A king’s daughter abducted.

In the aftermath of a surprise attack Dun Buic lies in smoking ruins and many innocent villagers are dead. As the survivors try to make sense of the night’s events the giant warrior-druid, Bellicus, is tasked with hunting down the raiders and thwarting their dark purpose.

With years of training in the old ways, two war-dogs at his side, and unsurpassed skill with a longsword, Bellicus’s quest will take him on a perilous journey through lands still struggling to cope with the departure of the Roman legions.

Meanwhile, amongst her brutal captors the little princess Catia finds an unlikely ally, but even he may not be able to avert the terrible fate King Hengist has in store for her.

This, the first volume in a stunning new series from the bestselling author of Wolf’s Head, explores the rich folklore and culture of post-Roman Britain, where blood-sacrifice, superstition and warfare were as much a part of everyday life as love, laughter and song.

As Saxon invaders and the new Christian religion seek to mould the country for their own ends one man will change the course of Britain’s history forever. . .

. . . THE DRUID.

The Druid_pb-eb

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  1. Fabulous cover reveal Steve! So thrilled to have someone else join me in writing about the 5th Century – when I’ve made it through Wolf’s Head, I’ll leap into this. All the very best for release!

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