Weird! And the title of my next book…

I was getting some shopping again today and, when I came back to my car, I noticed something lying on the ground right next to my door. It was a bracelet with a name on it, a very unusual name, especially for this part of the world: LUCIA.


As you’ll possibly have noticed from inside my latest release The Druid, the title of my forthcoming novel about a slave in Roman Britain is called…LUCIA.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I thought it was a pretty incredible synchronicity! Of all the names, in all the places, and to be lying face-up right at my car door…? What are the odds on that?

The Druid and Friar Tuck with their new pal

Anyway, I take it as a sign that I’m on the right path with things and I’ll continue editing Lucia so it’s ready for publication probably early next year. It is complete, just needs tightened up but I’ve taken time off the day job next week to work on it. As soon as it’s ready I can get back to finishing the sequel to The Druid, which is still doing great in Amazon’s UK and USA charts, so massive thanks to all who have bought and reviewed it so far.

Incidentally, it doesn’t look valuable in any way, but it might be of sentimental value to the owner so, if it’s yours, get in touch and I’ll return it to you.

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