Io Saturnalia!

Paltucca’s hard voice brought her back to the present with a jolt.
“You lot have been enjoying Saturnalia, haven’t you? Drinking and fornicating and acting like bloody idiots for days on end.” There was, predictably, no reply to her tirade and she went on inexorably. “But you took it too far last night, up until all hours, drunk and making the freedman, Tiro, serve you as if he was lowborn scum!”
Lucia eyed Sennianus who stood, downcast and silent, and a thrill of fear ran down her back.
This was about Tiro.
Io Saturnalia! Today is the first day of the Roman festival of Saturnalia and that was an extract from my forthcoming standalone novel “Lucia”. I might have some huge news on that in the new year, I’m REALLY excited for it. Apparently it’s a “wonderful story”, and it’s not just my mum saying that!
But back to Saturnalia – Here’s a blog post from an author I follow on Twitter, Adam A. Haviaras, it’s a good read on the ancient Roman celebrations if you’re interested.

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