Happy New Year all!

2018 has been a great year for my writing – the last quarter in particular. I published The Druid two months ago and it’s stayed high in the Amazon charts in both the UK and the USA ever since, garnering dozens of fantastic reviews along the way. Thank you to all who bought it and left their thoughts on Amazon, Goodreads etc, it has been hugely inspiring. I can’t wait to finish the sequel, Song of the Centurion now that I know I have thousands of readers eager to read it!

druidd (4)

On that sequel, I have a little confession to make. I haven’t been working on Song of the Centurion recently because I had to finish off my standalone Roman slave novel, Lucia. That is complete now (first draft anyway) and I had every intention of just self-publishing it and simply moving onBut then I sent it off to someone in the publishing industry and they were hugely enthusiastic about it. It’s a busy time of year though, so I need to wait until the holidays are over before I find out one way or another what might happen with it. In the meantime I’ve been editing and revising, readying it for publication in whatever form that might take.

The problem is – when I’m writing a book in one time period I can’t just switch to another. I have to really immerse myself in the world and characters I’m creating. So that’s meant I haven’t been able to just knock out a few thousand words of Song of the Centurion, because I’ve been lost in the world of Lucia. So the next druid book has been on hold as a result although, thankfully, I’d already written a third of it so it should still be finished and out there to buy around Summer next year.

However! I was also contacted by someone (big time!) who wants me to do some writing for them and I’ll be travelling to discuss it in January, so who knows what that might entail? I’m really excited about it, it’s a very cool project. Perhaps 2019 will be the year I finally become a full-time writer in order to devote all my attention to so many writing projects? I can dream!

For now, I want to thank you all again for your amazing support not just in 2018 but since Wolf’s Head came out in 2013. It’s been quite a journey.

Have a great night everyone as we see in the new year, and don’t drink TOO much…





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