The Druid hits number 21!

Yes, The Druid has already been at number 1 in some of Amazon’s charts – it stayed at the top of the “Celtic, English & Welsh Myths” list for about 3 months after it came out after all. BUT, the highest OVERALL position it had ever reached in the UK was around top-500 or so. Well, yesterday Amazon put it in their Daily Deal and it shot right up to a highest placing of 21!

Screenshot_20190317-003127_Samsung Internet

Hopefully all these new buyers will check out my other books. If you were one of them – thank you, and enjoy!

Biggest thrill for me was seeing my humble book ahead of one of my favourite novels of all time, Dune, which was also on special offer (I bought it myself – can’t go wrong for 99p and my kids might enjoy it one day, along with the Audible version I reviewed HERE). I love the first three or four in that series and actually wondered if I could create a similar Bene Gesserit-style “religion” for my druids. I thought that would be too ambitious in the end but maybe one day I’ll attempt something it, possibly with a certain messiah who isn’t called Brian…



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