All 4 FOREST LORD novels now available in one Kindle boxset!

That’s right – the complete Forest Lord novel collection is now available on Kindle for a bargain price, and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Including Wolf’s Head, The Wolf and the Raven, Rise of the Wolf, and Blood of the Wolf, you can get the lot for just $/£9.99, a significant saving compared to buying each individually. Or borrow it with your KU subscription as a single book!

Get your copy now using the links below!



I am thinking of doing a paperback version too, just bear with me as I figure out the software to format it properly!



In terms of my other projects: Song of the Centurion is just about finished so should be available to buy this summer depending on editing; The Druid audiobook is half-finished so look out for that on Audible and iTunes very soon; and Lucia is with the publisher (Audible Studios) right now, all edited and just needing a narrator to bring it to life! Lots to come from me in 2019, roll on the sunshine!

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