The Druid is now free to read with Prime AND Kindle Unlimited

That’s right, The Druid has been free to read on Kindle Unlimited worldwide since it came out on Samhain 2018, but now Amazon Prime members in the UK can also get it for free! Click the pic below to get your copy:

druid prime bb


Also, the paperback edition of The Forest Lord Collection is now available to buy. Priced at £19.99 in the UK and similarly worldwide it means you can get all four of the full novels for about half the cost of buying each book individually. Readers in Canada know what’s up, because the Kindle edition (only £9.99 UK!) is at number 1 in their “Medieval Literature” chart today!


If you haven’t yet read Wolf’s Head, The Wolf and the Raven, Rise of the Wolf, or Blood of the Wolf what are you waiting for? Both the Kindle and paperback versions are genuine bargains, and, to add to that, if you buy the paperback as a gift for someone, you can get the Kindle edition at a greatly reduced price for yourself. Everyone wins! Click the pic below to get a copy:


A copy of the paperback should be delivered to me tomorrow, so I think I’ll try making one of these fancy “unboxing” videos everyone does nowadays. Stay tuned to hear my Groundskeeper Willie accent, folks! It could all go spectacularly wrong if the printing is off or I’ve made a complete arse of the formatting, so check out the video when I post it, it could be entertaining for all the wrong reasons….

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