LUCIA is out today!

My brand new, standalone novel about a Roman slave is out TODAY, only on Audible!

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know most of my books have been self-published, apart from The Abbey of Death which was a novella. Lucia is the first full-length novel to have been bought by a major publisher, in this case Audible. They hired an absolutely top-class narrator, Imogen Church, to read it and the cover art is just stunning.

If you have a spare Audible credit I hope you will give this a listen – it’s over 11 hours so good value.
If you DON’T have an Audible account, no problem – you can get Lucia for FREE just by giving their monthly trial a go! Simply sign up using your regular Amazon details and listen to Lucia then, if you aren’t planning on listening to more audiobooks, just cancel the trial. It’s easy and there’s no strings attached or hidden costs. Try it!
There WILL be ebook and print versions but not for  a year,  so please, give the audiobook a try. It will be epic I’m sure.
It follows our hero, Lucia, who is taken by the Romans as a child and sent to be a slave in Britannia. The book tells the tale of her life and as far as I can tell, it’s pretty unique in giving a voice to a slave-girl of this period.

Lucia ad
Finally – I have completed the first draft of my new Forest Lord novella, Faces of Darkness, starring Friar Tuck and Little John. It’s a little bit different – a mystery kinda thing – but readers of the previous books in the series should get a kick out of it. I hope…

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