Another research trip to a fantastic Scottish fortress!

You may remember my blog post about a visit to Dunadd hill fort last year. It was a memorable trip I took with my daughter, and really helped me to get an idea of the place which ended up in Song of the Centurion (check out the photos HERE).

Heading back down after conquering Dunadd


Well, for my birthday this year I’m heading to the opposite side of Scotland, to check out the incredible-looking Dunnottar Castle! The current site features medieval ruins, but there’s evidence the place was in use in the “dark ages” and it’s obviously where the Picts in my Warrior Druid of Britain tales are based. The new book in the series will see some action at Dunnottar – the Picts are back, as are Hengist and Horsa, so expect some brutality and treachery as Bellicus and Duro try to survive the attentions of all these various warring factions!


I’ve not written much of it so far to be honest, but I’m planning on making book 3 different to The Druid and Song of the Centurion so don’t expect a suicidal raid on Dunnottar by Bellicus. Which is a bit of a shame to be honest, as the place looks like it would be IDEAL for something like that! We’ll see how it develops, but I’m expecting to broaden our heroes horizons again in this book, so Arthur and Merlin will also probably return at some stage…Who knows? Not me. Yet.

We’ll be staying at the hotel by the famous golf course at Carnoustie which looks amazing


and then onto Dunnottar. Hopefully it all inspires the new novel to be the best one yet…

Look out for it in the summer, and, in the meantime, check out Lucia and Faces of Darkness and have a great 2020 all!

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