Some news for German readers

Wolfs Head_German Version

Wolfskopf, the German edition of Wolf’s Head, is on special offer for a couple of days –  €0.99 reduced from the usual price of €4.99. It’s been doing quite well in the German Kindle charts recently but this promotion has boosted it to number 1 in the “Medieval” category. If you’d like to get a copy while it’s still reduced, get it HERE.

Wolfskopf number 1 mittealter april 2020

Of course, the novellas Knight of the Cross and Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil are also available in German editions but if you’ve already read all of those, I’ve got some good news – book 2 in the series, The Wolf and the Raven, will be translated into German next! Not sure what that works out as – Der Wolf und der Rabe perhaps, but I’ll take the translator’s advice on that. Once again, it will be Susanne Döring doing the translation and, all being well, if sales keep coming in, we might get the whole series completed eventually. I’ve no date for publication yet, but it probably won’t be for a while.

Bleibt sicher da draußen!

forest lord complete


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