Faces of Darkness special offer for USA Kindle readers today!

My newest book, FACES OF DARKNESS, is on a Countdown Deal in the USA for just a couple of days. Usual price $2.99, reduced now to just $0.99 (also FREE on Kindle Unlimited worldwide). Reviews for this one – which is based on a true story – have been superb. I really hope you guys will check it out and please, spread the word to all your reader friends! Have a great Easter everyone.

Link HERE or click the pic.

Lady Isabella de Courcy is found alone, in a room bolted from the inside, unconscious, and with a dagger brutally forced through her hand into the floorboards beneath. Attached to the blade is a note bearing a shocking statement of intent, but this is just the latest in a line of similar, terrifying events.
For months now Croftun Manor has been stalked by some shadowy figure who leaves little trace of their movements and has never been clearly seen by anyone, even Isabella.
As more horrific incidents occur and fear builds within the manor, can the bailiff, John Little, along with his friend – the legendary friar, Robert Stafford – uncover the truth? And more importantly, will they be able to help the troubled young woman before she ends up dead?

This fast-paced standalone tale from the author of The Druid sees the return of two much-loved characters and is based on a shocking real-life case from the 1980’s which remains unsolved to this day.

“A gem of a story…Faces of Darkness offers an intriguing plot based around a real life event…add in the perfect pace and you’ve got a winner!” 5/5 – David’s Book Blurg

“There were several points where I thought I had solved the mystery, only to be disabused of my theory a few pages later, which, of course, makes the book even more riveting! It was enthralling!” – Sharon Bennett Connolly, author of Heroines Of The Medieval World

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