Over the Wall cover reveal & Song of the Centurion now available on Audible!

My brand new short story (which was made available for free to my email list subscribers) is called “Over The Wall” and you can see the cover art below. I rather like it, although I made it myself so it’s nowhere near as good as my usual covers. Maybe I’ll get my designers to make a proper one for it eventually. The story will be emailed out on World Book Day – April 23rd so sign up NOW!

OVER WALLvThe tale is part of the Warrior Druid of Britain series, and I suppose it’ll be a kind of prequel to the novels as it’s set a few years before them. I came up with the idea for it because the events are mentioned in passing in the third druid book which I’m working on right now. When you read the book you’ll understand how “Over The Wall” fits in, I think it’ll be pretty cool!

And, if you haven’t yet read book 2 in the series, Song of the Centurion, it is now available to buy from Audible (I believe iTunes will follow soon if it’s not there already). Narrated again by the excellent Nick Denton, I hope everyone enjoys it. Get it at the links below:


UK Audible link

USA Audible link

Song Audible

Remember, World Book Day (Night, in the UK) is tomorrow, so sign up now if you want the FREE Druid tale “Over The Wall”! 1587504179


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