Grimdark Magazine’s stunning review of The Druid

The review isn’t in here, I just liked this cool cover art!

GRIMDARK, the renowned fantasy magazine, recently took a look at my novel The Druid and seem to have rather enjoyed it, judging by their review. Although The Druid is historical fiction, I, and obviously the reviewer, think it can be enjoyed just as much by fans of fantasy along the lines of Game of Thrones.

“To my mind The Druid is everything historical fiction should be and more,” as the reviewer (James Vella-Bardon, a published author himself) says.

Take a look at Grimdark’s fantastic review HERE.

I’ve been working away on the third Druid book during lockdown and it’s almost finished! Decided to add one more little adventure today, before wrapping things up for the first draft, but it’s well on track for a summer release. Cover art has been commissioned, so look out for it, along with the title reveal, very soon. Once that comes out, it’s a Kindle and print release for LUCIA in October, and then, all being well, another mystery for Tuck and Little John to solve around Christmas time!

Stay safe, and roll on summer!

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