Warrior Druid of Britain Book III – TITLE REVEAL!

I’ve now completed work on the first draft of the new Druid novel (following on from 2018’s The Druid and 2019’s Song of the Centurion) and my editor will be going over it next month. So, that means, all being well, I am aiming for an August release date! Writing this one was a bit like when I wrote The Wolf and the Raven for the Forest Lord series – I had a plan but it went out the window once I started writing and ended up writing something I hadn’t expected! So the events that were supposed to happen in this novel will now (probably!) take place in book 4!

Anyway, the title is….well, a drumroll is hardly needed is it, since your eye would have been drawn instantly to the huge image here as soon as you opened the webpage.

It makes a nice acronym, TNT (a great AC/DC song too!) and hopefully there’s some explosive action within the writing…


I had planned on doing a cover reveal just now, but it’s not QUITE ready. My designers sent me the first draft and it’s fantastic, just needs a couple of tiny tweaks, so check back in a few days to see the full artwork in all its glory.

Stay safe everyone, and leave a few evenings free in August to read The Northern Throne!

Then, next up, Kindle and print editions of LUCIA in October – if you haven’t checked it out on Audible yet, please do. The narrator they hired is fantastic and I’m really proud of that novel.


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