The Northern Throne available to pre-order!

Yep, you can now pre-order book 3 in my Warrior Druid of Britain Chronicles, The Northern Throne. This follows directly on from Song of The Centurion and my mum a respected reviewer tells me it’s the best book so far! Publication date is August the 14th so set aside that weekend for some more adventuring with Bellicus and Duro.

You can get your pre-order in right now though, and help me push it up the charts – here’s a worldwide link that should take you directly to your country’s Amazon page –

The book is only available to pre-order on Kindle for now but the paperback edition should be ready to go on release date, and an Audible version will follow soon after.

I’m still editing TNT just now, polishing it up so it’s the best it can be for August 14th, but it’s mostly complete and once it’s done I can then move on to my next project: A new Tuck/Little John thriller which I hope to make available around Christmas time again! I’ve started a bit of a tradition with these it seems…Before that comes out, there will be the Kindle and paperback launch of my Roman slave-girl novel, LUCIA in October so look out for that.

Stay safe everyone, stay indoors when you can and read books (especially mine).

AD431, Spring

Bellicus the Druid and his friend Duro, a former Roman centurion, have suffered a great deal in recent years but, for them, things are about to get much worse.
Britain is changing. The Romans have gone and warriors from many different places seek to fill the void the legions left behind. In the south, the Saxons’ expansion seems unstoppable despite the efforts of the warlord Arthur, while north of Hadrian’s Wall various kings and chieftains are always looking to extend their borders.
In Dun Breatann, capital of Alt Clota, Bellicus believes the disparate tribes must put aside their differences, become allies, and face the Saxon threat together, under one High King. Or High Queen…
Small-minded men do not always look at the bigger picture though, and when Bellicus and Duro seek to form a pact with an old enemy events take a shocking and terrible turn that will leave the companions changed forever.
This third volume in the Warrior Druid of Britain Chronicles is packed with adventure, battles, triumph, and tears, and at the end of it a new course will be set for Bellicus.
But at what cost?


“…the historical detail is seamlessly melded into a plot bursting with adrenaline and suspense…To my mind this novel is everything historical fiction should be and more.” – JAMES VELLA-BARDON, author of The Sheriff’s Catch

“as a storyteller McKay is up there with the best of them.” – David’s Book Blurg

on a par with anything you’ve read before by him there Cornwell, or Kane, or Kristian…a triumph, an honest to goodness, self-assured triumph.” – STEVE DENTON/SPEESH READS

Dark age adventure at its gripping best.” – MATTHEW HARFFY, author of The Bernicia Chronicles

“The Druid tells a story as stunning as the cover art suggests.” – SHARON BENNETT CONNOLLY, author of Heroines Of The Medieval World

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