HOOD: Outlaws and Legends – New Xbox/PlayStation game featuring my writing!

hood multiplayer game

Just as a little aside from news on my forthcoming Warrior Druid of Britain novel, The Northern Throne, which comes out a week today on August 14th (GET IT HERE), I wanted to share this new console/PC game – HOOD: Outlaws and Legends.

As you can see from the screenshots this is a dark, gritty take on the Robin Hood legend, and I’ve actually been involved in writing for it over the past 18 months with the developers Sumo Digital which was incredibly exciting for me. It will be coming out in 2021 on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms (current and next gen) and PC.

I can’t say anything else about it just yet as it’s all super secret, but I was writing for this while also working on Song of the Centurion and Faces of Darkness so 2019 was a very busy and productive year for me. I had no idea, really, how HOOD: Outlaws and Legends would turn out until I saw the trailer last night and, as a gamer myself, I honestly can’t wait to play it.

You can find out more about the game at this link HERE. They also have Twitter and Facebook pages. The game is not based on my books but I did write a fair bit for it and I think fans of Wolf’s Head and the others in the series will find plenty to enjoy within its hi-res environments. I already plan to upgrade my Xbox One to a PlayStation 5 to get the most out of it (haven’t had a PlayStation since I spent hours on Ridge Racer, Tekken and Wipeout on the original machine 20-odd years ago!).

Here is the teaser trailer – be warned, it’s pretty graphic so not suitable for young people. Check it out and let me know what you think! If you work in the games industry and want to know more I can direct you to the developers who will answer your questions better than I can!

On the subject of my new novel, The Northern Throne, I’ll be running a special giveaway for my email list subscribers, where they’ll have a chance to win a signed PROOF copy of the book (one of only 5) along with a signed TNT poster and a TNT mug! If you haven’t signed up, do so  HERE  and get a FREE Forest Lord short story featuring some of my Robin Hood characters sent straight to your inbox.

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