Steven A Mckay: The Northern Throne (Review)

“Every book Steven has written has seen his skill as a writer evolve and grow to the point now that he is as good as anyone in his genre” More high praise from someone who really knows historical fiction! Check out this review of TNT by Parmenion Books. 🙂


book cover of The Northern Throne

(The third book in the Warrior Druid of Britain series)

Northern Britain, AD431, Spring.
Bellicus the Druid and his friend Duro, a former Roman centurion, have already suffered a great deal in recent years but, for them, things are about to get even worse.
Britain is changing. The Romans have gone and warriors from many different places seek to fill the void the legions left behind. In the south, the Saxons’ expansion seems unstoppable despite the efforts of the warlord Arthur, while north of Hadrian’s Wall various kings and chieftains are always looking to extend their borders.
In Dun Breatann, Bellicus believes the disparate northern tribes must put aside their differences, become allies, and face the Saxon threat together, under one High King. Or High Queen…
Small-minded men don’t always look at the bigger picture though, and, when Bellicus and Duro seek to form a pact with an old enemy, events take…

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  1. I am fast becoming (if not already) a big fan of Mr McKay, his books are a gripping read, he certainly brings his characters to life. I’m currently enjoying another of his books, The Northern Throne, Bellicus & Duro are quite the daring duo.
    I have also read his Robin Hood novels, again, a good twist on the traditional stories.
    Keep up the great work and keep the novels coming.

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