Lucia – A Roman Slave’s Tale is out today! Check out this truly incredible review. Wow.

My novel Lucia-A Roman Slave’s Tale, which has only been available on Audible for the past 12 months, is out TODAY on Kindle (paperback edition should go live sometime today I hope, so keep checking if that’s the format you’re after). Links below:

UK link

USA link

Australia link

Canada link

Also, here’s a link to a review which actually made me quite emotional. Sharon Bennett Connolly is a historian and author who reads a LOT of historical fiction so she knows her stuff. She said this morning on Facebook that Lucia is the best book she’s read this year and, well, just check out her review. I wrote the novel with the hope that it would touch people on an emotional level – not just the “Raaaarrrr! Fighting, drinking, shooting people with longbows!” stuff which I absolutely love, but with Lucia I hoped to reach people in a different way. Sharon’s review suggests I managed it, and I’m really pleased about it. See what she had to say at the link below:

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