Forest Lord Kindle bargains – Wolf’s Head and The Wolf And The Raven on special offer!

Amazon UK have included books 1 and 2 of my Forest Lord series in their November Monthly Deal! You can pick up Wolf’s Head and The Wolf and the Raven for just 99p each, a saving of £4 on the usual price!

I expect most of you reading this have already read these, since they were my first two books, but if you’ve still to check them out now is the ideal time.

Get them HERE!

If you ARE new to that series, you can find my suggested reading order HERE. There’s quite a lot to dive into, with more to come, as today I’ll be sending the next one in the series, Sworn to God, to my editor. It’s a sequel of sorts to Faces of Darkness and sees Tuck and John teaming up again to look at a strange religious sect. Will Scarlet joins them this time too and there’s plenty to get your teeth into as, rather than being a 25,000 word novella like the previous ones, it’s currently at 55,000 words so it’s actually a short novel! Look out for the cover reveal soon.

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