Sworn to God cover reveal. My designers have done it again!

My new Friar Tuck/Little John/Will Scarlet novella/novel Sworn to God is almost finished. The editor has gone over it, and now I just have to sort things in line with her suggestions, so it should be published later this month (November 2020).

For now, check out the cover art! It was inspired by a photo of a cross I found on the internet, and the idea of a bloody sword forming a similar ‘cross’ in front of the main one seemed nice and symbolic. I even wrote a scene in the book to fit with it, as I liked the image so much. Surprisingly, that sword doesn’t even belong to one of our heroes…

Sworn to God is not a ‘Christmas’ story as such, but there are sections set in winter, and one Xmas celebration in a church decorated with candles and holly etc, so it should be perfect for those of you who like to curl up with a book when it’s frosty outside and you’ve a glass of mulled wine in your hand! It can be read as a standalone tale, but it’s actually the third of these winter mysteries, following Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil and Faces of Darkness.

Let me know what you think of the cover art, and look out for the Kindle pre-order going live sometime this month.

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